Greetings, Star Wars fans! Recently, there has been a lot of buzz on the internet about Bioware potentially doing a remake of Knights of the Old Republic this year. While we do not know if this is true or not, it is exciting nonetheless, and is reason enough to want to pick up the original game once again. If you are wondering what class to pick and how to play it, you have come to the right place. The Jedi Sentinel is a true jack-of-all-trades, having an excellent skill set and also boasting immunity from nasty effects like stuns. The Sentinel is undoubtedly the best class in the original Knights of the Old Republic. Here is a guide giving you the full coverage on everything to gearing, attribute distribution, to what Force Powers to pick as a Light Side Jedi Sentinel.

Character Creation: What Starting Class to Pick

We absolutely want to pick the Scout as our starting class, as it lends to our jack-of-all-trades play style. It has the best class skills in the entire game, and also obtains all three levels of implant feats for free. While it isn’t the fighter that a Soldier is, it is still pretty good in a scrap and is the right class for this character build. Also, as a side note, remember that you will want to not level your starting class past level 8, or you will not be able to get the most benefit from the Jedi Sentinel class. Luckily, I typically am almost always at level 8 when I leave Taris, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to manage this.

Character Creation: Attribute Allocation

Strength: 14

Dexterity: 12

Constitution: 14

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom: 12

Charisma: 12

This is a pretty standard and solid beginning attribute layout for what we are eventually going to be building our character towards. Intelligence at 14 is a must, as this means we will get a total of four skill points per level up. Skills of course are a big reason why we are playing this class. Strength determines our aptitude in melee combat, increasing damage dealt and also increases our Fortitude save. A beginning number of 14 is pretty much perfect, as we simply need to put one more point into it at level 4, then we can leave it alone for gear to handle the rest. Our final Strength total will be 20 with this build. Dexterity determines our character’s defense, increases our Reflex save, and determines our aptitude in ranged combat. (We won’t worry about that last part) Our final Dexterity number will be 14, meaning that we will use a piece of gear that increases this stat, but more is not needed for this build. Thanks to the Toughness feat and a pretty high Constitution total our defensive capabilities will be solid. Constitution of course determines our character’s health pool, so it is an incredibly useful attribute. We begin with 14, and will place an additional point into Constitution. Thanks to our Constitution bonus acquired from maxing out or Light Side score and with gear, our total Constitution will end up being 22. Wisdom is important, as it increases our aptitude with Force Powers, increases our Will save, and increases our total Force Points. While we aren’t a casting class, we will still want a high score in Wisdom. We start with 12, as it is a useless stat until you become a Jedi, but at levels 12, 16, and 20, we will put additional points into Wisdom, and thanks to gear, our final total will be 20. Charisma also increases our aptitude with Force Powers, but to a lesser degree than Wisdom does, and also reduces the penalty to Force Points caused by using a power of the opposite alignment. For example, we wouldn’t have to spend as much Force Points on Force Lighting as a Light Side character. This attribute is pretty meaningless as we won’t be using any Dark Side powers, so, just set it to 12 and leave it alone.

What the Heck Are Saving Throws?

This question is one that crosses the mind of many players of this great game. Well, here is the answer. Simply put, saving throws are your chance to reduce certain effects throughout the game. This game boasts three saving throws, each offering protection from different effects. These saving throws are Fortitude, Reflex, and Will. Fortitude helps you resist things like poison and the effects of Force Choke, Reflex allows you to mitigate grenade damage, and Will allows you to resist certain Force Powers. This means that saving throws are pretty important, and our character build will be maximizing these helpful attributes.

Attribute Progression: 

Level 4: One Point in Strength

Level 8: One Point in Constitution

Level 12: One Point in Wisdom

Level 16: One Point in Wisdom

Level 20: One Point in Wisdom

Recommended Feat Progression: 

Level 1: Two-Weapon Fighting or Dueling

Level 2: Toughness

Level 3: Conditioning

Level 5: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting or Improved Dueling

Level 7: Improved Flurry

Level 9: Master Flurry

Level 11: Master Two-Weapon Fighting or Master Dueling

Level 14: Weapon Focus: Lightsaber

Level 17: Improved Toughness

Level 20: Master Toughness

This feat progression set-up is pretty basic, and has one free point to place, which I put into conditioning to increase my saving throws. Whether you progress through the Two-Weapon Fighting or Dueling feats is dependent on what weapon set-up you want to use. If you want to use a single lightsaber, go with Dueling. If you want to use a double-bladed lightsaber or a standard lightsaber along with a short lightsaber, go with Two-Weapon Fighting. Flurry is the sole melee feat that we focus on, and for good reason. It is hands down the best melee attack in the game, striking up to 3 times if you use a dual-weapon setup. The Toughness feat tree is very valuable, as it not only increases your health pool, but it also reduces the amount of damage you take. This will be incredibly valuable as we will essentially have the sturdiness of a Jedi Guardian while still having all the benefits of a Sentinel. The Weapon Focus: Lightsaber feat increases the damage you deal with lightsabers, which of course is our weapon of choice.

Skills and Their Use To You

Having a good skill set is perhaps the biggest reason to play a Scout/Sentinel. You essentially have a jack-of-all-trades character who is pretty good at just about everything. It also makes it so that you don’t have to rely on your companions as much for their skills. Other than having Mission Vao around to pick one lock, or having HK-47 or Zalbaar around to pick up a mine for you, you can pretty much use the companions that are good at fighting or support. For example, instead of having to rely of Mission Vao for her skills, you can instead bring better fighters, such as Canderous or Carth. I also find myself in a position where I can bring Jolee Bindo along just for his healing abilities. Skills also aren’t rigid like Force Powers or Feats, and you have a bit of freedom when it comes to their progression. Here are the skills that you are able to have in KOTOR 1, and their use to you.

Computer Use: This is basically using Computer Spikes to hack into computers that you will encounter throughout the game. This is quite useful, as you need at least some points in Computer Skill to get the best robes in the game, and it has other uses as well. For example, downloading an area map to assure that your characters aren’t wondering around aimlessly, accessing security cameras to get a feel for that enemies you are about to encounter, disabling security systems, and even accessing air vents and power conduits to take down groups of enemies without even having to fight them. I typically get this skill to 10 on Taris, and my final tally is usually 12. This is a very good skill and while not as high of a priority as Persuade, Repair, or Treat Injury, it is still very useful.

Demolitions: This is the art of disarming and even picking up mines for you own use, and increasing the amount of damage you do with grenades. This skill isn’t incredibly useful to you as a Jedi for anything other than making extra money, so I don’t put any extra points into this beyond the 4 I will put into it at character creation. HK-47, Mission Vao, and Zalbaar all have a good amount of skill in Demolitions, so you can use them to pick up mines and sell them to a vendor. You, however, do not need more than 4 points in this skill.

Stealth: Stealth is of no use to us. While Scoundrels can use Stealth to achieve some high burst damage, Scouts have no use for it, and also, Stealth doesn’t have much use in general when it comes to the game. I do not place any points into this skill. The only companion I even bother having points in Stealth with is Mission Vao, and that’s just for the heck of it.

Awareness: The art of detecting mines from a distance. A high Awareness allows you to detect mines at a greater distance. While Persuade, Computer Use, Repair, and Treat Injury all have a higher priority, after I get them at their desires numbers, I will put pretty much every spare point into Awareness, as it’s not completely useless. I just don’t tend to focus on it until I have gotten my other priority skills taken care of.

Persuade: Persuade is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. This allows you to Persuade other characters to do things that you wish them to do, such as divulge important information, or get them to see your point of view. Persuade is incredibly important, especially as a Jedi, so getting this to 20 will be your first priority. However, this will be a bit tricky at the beginning. Persuade, while a class skill as a Jedi, is not a Scout class skill, meaning that we have to use 2 skill points to level up our Persuade skill by 1 until we become a Jedi. This makes having a high Persuade before you become a Jedi virtually impossible, however, I seem to have found a decent formula for this. I will put 2 points into Persuade at initial character creation, and I try to save a skill point at every level up so that I can put it into Persuade when I become a Jedi. My Persuade when I leave Taris is generally at 4, and I typically am able to get it to 12 upon immediately becoming a Jedi. After that, we don’t have to worry about saving skill points at all.

Security: In KOTOR 1, Security is pretty much useless. Only one door in the game requires you to use Security instead of just melting the lock with your lightsaber, and that door can just as easily be opened by Mission Vao. Don’t invest any points in Security, as it will have no benefits for you.

Repair: Repair is your effectiveness at repairing droids. Repair is your third highest priority, as Repair allows you to power up HK-47 through his personal backstory quests. The amount of Repair needed to fully unlock HK’s potential is 15, so that’s what we are aiming for. After Treat Injury and Persuade are both at 20, I put one more point into this skill for good measure to get it to 16, and after that you should be fine.

Treat Injury: With this build, we will not be using the Cure power, as our Wisdom isn’t high enough to justify taking it, so Treat Injury becomes very important. Treat Injury increases your effectiveness at using med packs in this game. Medpacs will be the source of healing yourself and the party, assuming Jolee Bindo isn’t tagging along. Getting this skill to 20 is second in priority after getting your Persuade to 20.

My Skill Allocation at Character Creation: 

Computer Use: 2

Demolitions: 4 

Stealth: 0

Awareness: 0

Persuade: 2

Repair: 2

Security: 0

Treat Injury: 4

This is my skill allocation for when I first create my character. Note that I have 4 points put into Demolitions here. I put 4 here at creation so that I don’t have to put any more points into it, and can basically leave it alone. Treat Injury is at 4 because I obviously want to maximize it from the get-go, and I put the points into Persuade just go give us a good start. Computer Use and Repair both have 2 in them as I can build them as I go along, and Awareness will get more attention at later levels. Stealth and Security get no attention as they are meaningless to us.

Force Powers:

Force Powers are used as a means to buff our party, supplement our skills, and reinforce our job as a melee butt kicking machine. Our Wisdom in this build isn’t going to be incredibly high, so we will not be able to rely on our Force Abilities as a Consular would be able to. They are used almost exclusively as a supplement to improve the aspects that our character is already good at. This guide of course assumes that you are a Light Side character, so only neutral and Light Side powers will be taken here. Here are the optimal Force Powers for our character build, and an explanation on why they are so useful.

Affect and Dominate Mind: Some people that you will meet in KOTOR will be quite stubborn, so why not use a good old fashioned Jedi Mind Trick? These powers will drastically increase the effectiveness of your Force Persuade, to the point where Dominate Mind essentially makes your Force Persuade almost a guaranteed success. Very useful for solving situations peacefully, getting a discount at those expensive merchants, and even sealing a favorable business deal.

Burst of Speed, Knight Speed, and Master Speed: This power is absolutely incredible, especially in its latest stage, in which it gives you double movement speed, +4 to defense, and 2 additional attacks per round. So in essence, you’ll be as fast as Usain Bolt, be much harder to hit, and to top it all off, your damage will see a big increase too. For example, Flurry can hit up to 5 times while this power is up. I’d highly recommend you keep this power up at all times, as it literally makes progressing through the game quicker. This is easily the best Force Power in the game, and only Force Armor comes close.

Force Armor: This will give you +2 to defense and all of your saving throws for each tier of this power, capping out at +6 to defense and +6 to saving throws at its maximum tier. Also, this power is bugged, and in a very good way. The amount of defense you gain from this power is also gained as Dexterity, meaning that you get 6 Dexterity, 6 Defense, and 6 to each of your saving throws while this power is active. This power makes it so that you do not need to build up a lot of Dexterity with our character build, as with our gear and this power active, you will end up with a total of 20 Dexterity, which will put your defense at a very respectable amount. Keep this power up for any fight that provides even moderate difficulty, as its benefits are pretty ridiculous.

Throw Lightsaber and Advanced Throw Saber: This is your primary gap closer and main offensive Force Power. The attack is unavoidable and deals a respectable amount of damage, plus, with the Advanced Saber Throw upgrade it can hit up to 3 targets. This makes it an effective means of damaging a long or single target that’s not quite in melee range yet, and can even help you finish off enemies that the rest of your party has been dealing with. Also, it’s very useful on the final boss fight, and can completely shut down Malak’s mechanics.

Force Wave: Force Wave is basically Force Push on steroids. It allows you to knock back a group of allies, and deals a respectable amount of damage as well. But the real purpose of Force Wave is to get pesky enemies off of you or your allies, giving you time to re-buff or heal up your party. It’s a good form of crowd control that can buy you the precious moments that you need to survive.

Optimal Equipment: 

Weaponry: No matter what, the optimal weapon or weapons you will be using is a form of lightsaber. If you picked Dueling, you will obviously want to use just a single lightsaber. If you pick Two-Weapon Fighting, you have two options. You can pick either a double-bladed lightsaber or a standard lightsaber along with a short saber. (Fun fact, these short sabers are called Shotos in Legends continuity) I personally pick a standard saber and a short saber, however, the choice is truly up to you. There is one challenge to remember when using two lightsabers, however. There are precious few great lightsaber crystals in the game and figuring out how to best allocate them will be a challenge. I personally believe that no matter what set-up you are using, one of your lightsabers (if you have multiple on your character that is, if you only have one, still use t his combination) should have the combination of the Mantle of the Force, a Upari crystal, and a Solari crystal. This set-up will give a standard lightsaber the properties of 6-42 energy damage versus dark side, 4-30 versus other enemies, +6 to attack, and +8 to blaster bolt deflection. This is absolutely the best combination for light side players. The Mantle of the Force can be purchased from Suvam Tam on Yavin Station after obtaining the final Star Map. The Solari crystal can be found on the remains of an unfortunate tomb raider in the Tomb of Naga Sadow on Korriban. Lastly, the Upari crystal can be found on the remains of a Sith Master in the Temple of the Ancients on the Unknown World. For my short lightsaber, I use the combination of Heart of the Guardian, a Krayt Dragon Pearl, and a Sapith crystal, to ensure a good amount of a guaranteed damage from my off-hand lightsaber. The Heart of the Guardian can be obtain from Suvam Tam on Yavin Station after obtaining the final Star Map. The Krayt Dragon Pearl can be obtained after killing a Krayt Dragon on Tatooine. If you give this pearl to the Sand People’s chief in order to hear their history, you can get it back by simply looting one of the containers in the Sand People enclave. This is an effective way to gain a lot of loot without racking up any dark side points, as well. Finally, the Sapith crystal can be obtained from a ruin-covered pillar on the Unknown World.

Gloves: The best gloves in the game are the Dominator Gauntlets found in the “secret shop” Mika Dorin runs on Korriban. This is the most expensive item in the game, however, it is well worth it, as it gives us an incredible +5 Strength. This one piece of equipment sets our Strength total exactly where it needs to be. So get them and don’t be stingy, we want to be super powerful!

Helmet: While many people would automatically assume that the Circlet of Saresh is the best headgear in the game, this isn’t the case for our build. We aren’t building a high Wisdom with this build, so I instead put the Circlet of Saresh on Juhani so that she can get a decent amount of Wisdom. We get all of the Wisdom we need from our robes, so instead, we turn to the Stabilizer Mask. This incredibly hideous looking headgear gives us +2 to all of our saving throws, which is a big focus in this build. This can be found in Tyvark’s shop on Manaan, however, an additional copy can be found in Mika Dorin’s shop on Korriban if you want to equip a party member with this helmet.

Robes: The Star Forge Robes are bar none the best robes in the game, and probably the most powerful item in the game, period. This gives you a +5 bonus to your defense, +5 to Wisdom, and +2 to your saving throws. This item can only be obtained from the Replicator Bin on the Star Forge, however, this is absolutely the most powerful item in the game so we should definitely pick it up when we can. It will come in handy for our final battle.

Implant: The Cardio Power System, also obtained from Mika Dorin’s shop on Korriban, is the best implant in the game. It gives +4 Constitution, which reinforces the high-health build we are going for here. Avoid the Dexterity implants, as our blaster-wielding companions will wield them to much greater effect, gaining both offensive and defensive bonuses. Plus, Constitution contributes to our health pool, so take the free 16 health!

Shields: The Verpine Prototype Shield, first obtained from Saul Karath’s remains on the Leviathan, is the best shield in the game. If you want to deck out your entire party with this shield, additional copies can be found in Mika Dorin’s shop.

Belt: The Adrenaline Stimulator, not to be confused with the much inferior Adrenaline Amplifier, is the best belt in the game. While many people would go for the CNS Strength Enhancer due to the Strength bonus, I prefer the Adrenaline Stimulator simply because it gives you +4 to all of your saving throws instead of just a simple +2. Plus, this allows you to put the CNS Strength Enhancer on Juhani or Zalbaar. In addition, this gets our Dexterity to 14, which is right where we want it to be. This belt is found in Mika Dorin’s shop on Korriban. Who would have guessed?!

Armguards: We literally have only one option in the entire game. Brejik’s Armguards are alright, as they provide a decent means of mitigating melee attacks. Equip them simply because you can. You can obtain these from Brejik’s smoking corpse on Taris.

Thanks and Shoutouts: 

I would first like to thank FinalLegendZero for his original Sentinel guide he wrote many years ago, which is what I used as a template. His numbers for optimal attributes, Force Powers, and gear are all listed here, so, if you want to see his original guide, please check out his guide on I would also like to thank my friends Brit and Vendi for being incredibly awesome, and Bioware for making a great game whose excellency stands out even today, 14 years after original release.