Okay. Rant time. Releasing an operation in KOTFE form is just a bad idea. Two and a half years of waiting, and this is what we get? I’m sorry, but it’s not worth $12 a month to keep playing a game that makes bad design decisions (*cough cough* Galactic Command) and pass them off as amazing and ground breaking. Not only has Bioware soured me on SWTOR to the point where I don’t want to play the game anymore, it has soured me on MMOs in general, because I know that it is only a matter of time until another MMO design team makes a design choice as stupid as that.

If you still play SWTOR, cool. It does have some great aspects. However, if you do say you like SWTOR for the story, I’d highly recommend looking at any of Bioware’s other titles and noticing how much better they are at telling a story. I love all of Bioware’s single-player games, truly, however, they have dropped the ball on an MMO that potentially could be the best on the market, and have a thriving player base, simply because of the name. SWTOR has the ability to draw people in simply due to bearing the name of easily the biggest entity in cinema and entertainment, yet due to the people running it, can’t keep people playing the game for more than a few weeks.

SWTOR is a middle-aged MMO that caters to neither casuals or hardcore players, each in its own way. The hardcore players are given such little content and the casuals aren’t given much more, just maybe 5 hours of content every 10 months. The potential for SWTOR through the roof, but as long as Ben Irving is making the decisions, the game will not likely be appealing to me, or a lot of other people. Another thing, this is a development team that didn’t take its own advice when it comes to how they release content. First, they spread out Fallen Empire’s chapters over a total of 8 months. Let me be generous here and say that each chapter takes 50 minutes, give or take. 16 chapters, at an average rate of 2 per month including the bonus chapter, and you’re getting 100 minutes of story content per month, with the cheapest subscription rate being $12 per month. And to top it all off, they didn’t go a great job with any other content, as there were no new operations or flash points released in this span, meaning that a) the top raiding guilds came to their senses and left the game and b) there were hardly any people for these new players to run group content with. So they got bored and left. They admitted they were wrong, and released all of Eternal Throne’s chapters at once, yet with no new operation and 10-minute Uprisings. A small improvement. However, they doubled back on this approach when finally trying to appease the group of players that they have wronged the most for the past 2 years… the endgame players. They are now releasing an operation in the form of KOTFE chapters, 1 boss a month, over five months. They have turned something that could have brought so many people back into the game and fucked it up so badly.

I don’t hate SWTOR, I spent 3 years playing it, and had a lot of great times, however, I do know that it’s likely not going to improve in the way it needs to, and it can potentially get worse from here. I do miss playing with my raid team, however, I am not going to play a game that I do not enjoy to be with people. Instead, it would make more sense to play a game I do, and we all enjoy to some extent, with said people. In all honesty, I suppose I have had a change of philosophy and I’m just ready to move on. I’d rather play other games that don’t make bad decisions and act like it’s ground breaking, or strings along a whole group of players for 2 years and then lets them down. So, if you all still want to see me in the gaming world, I’ll be on here, and you can add me on Steam (Ahzhihod), on Origin (MrEndymion), or in Path of Exile (once again, Ahzhihod). Rant over. See you all on the flip side. 🙂